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III International Conference on Comparative Law, 16-17 February, Warsaw 15.02.2018

The European Law Students Association ELSA is organising a conference devoted to international corporations and investments in the context of regulations of various jurisdictions. Aleksandra Stępniewska will lead the workshops on criminal liability of corporations running their businesses in France.

CCBE seminar “Threatened lawyers: The end of the rule of law in Europe?” 25.01.2018

Łukasz Lasek took part in a seminar of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) on 24 January 2018 accompanying the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe during which a recommendation was adopted in support of drafting a European convention on the profession of lawyer.

Report: ASPIRE Legal Committee Annual Report 2017 19.01.2018

Lawyers from Wardyński & Partners took part in drafting the annual report of the ASPIRE Legal Committee, devoted to key legal aspects for the growth of the technology and business services sector in Poland.

Best Blockchain Technology & Digital Law Firm 2017 04.12.2017

Wardyński & Partners has been honoured by the organizers of the Cryptocurrency World Expo Warsaw Summit 2017 as the best Polish law firm involved in the world of blockchain and digital services.

Wardyński & Partners contributes the Poland chapter to the 2nd edition of The Real Estate M&A and Private Equity Review. 16.10.2017

This volume is a multinational guide for understanding and navigating the increasingly complex and dynamic world of liquid real estate and the transactions that produce it.

Annual T.R.A.D.E. & Labour and Immigration Law conference, Bratislava 12–14 October 2017 11.10.2017

Kamil Jabłoński will speak at the annual employment and immigration law conference of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA).

We launch new tech law blog 10.10.2017

By framing the specialist knowledge of our lawyers in a broader social and cultural context, we hope to raise the debate over new technologies to a new level.

Publication: Outlook on law and business in Poland 04.10.2017

A new item has been added to the extensive catalogue of the firm’s publications. In our Outlook on law and business in Poland we discuss trends in changes in the law, such as increased regulatory pressure and increased penalisation of commerce. These are illuminated by concrete examples from practice and conclusions concerning the consequences of these phenomena that can be expected to occur or are already happening.

Wardyński & Partners represents the Academy in dispute over the Oscar® trademark 04.10.2017

The court has approved a settlement reached in mediation after suit was filed against the Polish Cooperative Council (Krajowa Rada Spółdzielcza), in which the defendant has undertaken to cease using a designation infringing the Oscar® trademark.

Annual Congress of INSOL Europe in Warsaw, 5–8 October 2017 04.10.2017

The theme of this year’s congress is “Preventive Restructuring: Sunset on Insolvency?” Michał Barłowski will be a panellist during the session “The EU Commission Directive proposal: Scope, contents and future legislative process.”