28th Economic Forum, 4–6 September 2018, Krynica-Zdrój


Daniel Smarduch will take part in a panel discussion during the 28th Krynica Economic Forum on the most important changes on the EU’s financial markets after 2019.

The Krynica Economic Forum is the most important conference in Central & Eastern Europe, drawing over 4,000 guests from 60 countries. Views on the current political, economic and social situation are expressed at the conference by heads of government and parliaments, ministers and MPs from countries in the region, the CEOs of the biggest companies, experts, and figures from the worlds of science, culture and the media.

On the third day of the forum Daniel Smarduch will participate in a panel discussion on the most important changes in the EU’s financial markets after 2019, when London will probably cease to be the financial centre of Europe. This will require a huge reorganisation of the structures of the European financial sector. Which city will become the financial capital of Europe after London? Will it be Frankfurt? Or maybe one of the urban centres of the “new Europe”? Where will banks and market institutions relocate their headquarters? What will be the model for management of resources critical to the economy? The participants in the debate will seek answers to these and other questions.

The organiser of the Krynica Economic Forum is the Eastern Institute.

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