30th anniversary debate, 7 December 2018, Ujazdowski Castle


To mark the firm’s 30th anniversary, we are meeting today for the debate “The right to unplug: Dignity, privacy and new technologies.” Two of our new publications will also be launched today: Disputes and Innovations.

Digitalisation doesn’t mean just convenience, but also control. This raises the question of whether we should recognise a new fundamental human right to deliberate digital exclusion, to reject digital conveniences and function solely in the analogue world.

Today we will wrestle with this question and issues of the risk of dehumanised reality and threats to human dignity and justice at a debate opening the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Wardyński & Partners. The moderator of the debate will be Alek Tarkowski, president of the Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation. The panellists will be Wojciech Orliński, journalist, writer and lecturer; Joanna Jeśman, cultural scholar and lecturer at the School of Ideas, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities; Piotr Garstecki, scientist, cofounder and CEO of Scope Fluidics SA; Mikołaj Barczentewicz, lawyer and philosopher, lecturer at the University of Surrey; and Krzysztof Wojdyło, the partner at our firm who heads the New Technologies practice.

During the debate the first two volumes in a series marking the firm’s 30th anniversary will be launched. They present a concise overview of our first 30 years of law practice. Drawing on these experiences, we also present visions and solutions for the future.

The first volume is devoted to disputes. We discuss what people dispute over, why litigation lasts so long, and how to help trials function more effectively in Poland.

The second volume is devoted to innovations. We suggest how to get by in a world of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and growing cyber crime.