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Warsaw Booster ’20 19.10.2020

Lawyers from Wardyński & Partners are supporting an accelerator programme for Warsaw startups, helping young tech firms upgrade their business skills while identifying solutions fostering the city’s innovative transformation.

Pro bono: Blogger from Mosina acquitted 18.09.2020

After 12 years of litigation, the Poznań Court of Appeal, relying on a decision by the European Court of Human Rights, has acquitted a blogger from Mosina of criminal defamation.

Pro bono: Polish Radio Rzeszów journalist reinstated 02.07.2020

The Rzeszów District Court ruled that the journalist’s employment was terminated unlawfully, and reinstated her in her job.

Transaction: Tesco and Salling Group 22.06.2020

Wardyński & Partners in cooperation with the Danish law firm Gorrissen Federspiel has counselled the Salling Group on the acquisition of shares in Tesco (Poland).

Pro bono: Defamation and freedom of expression 29.05.2020

On 28 May 2020 the European Court of Human Rights struck from the docket the complaint in Kasprowicz v Poland after the Polish government admitted to infringing the freedom of expression of a blogger criticising the mayor of Mosina, and promised to pay him EUR 3,000 in compensation. One of the blogger’s attorneys was Artur Pietryka.

Lex Mundi Awards: Best Multijurisdictional Client Matter 20.05.2020

Wardyński & Partners has been selected as the winner of the 2020 Lex Mundi Award for Best Multijurisdictional Client Matter, for coordination and drafting of the anticorruption policy for a multinational client’s entire corporate group.

Chambers Global Practice Guide: Corporate M&A 2020 20.05.2020

Anna Dąbrowska, Krzysztof Libiszewski, Maciej Szewczyk and Izabela Zielińska-Barłożek are the authors of the Trends and Developments chapter in the Chambers Corporate M&A 2020 Guide.

Webinar: Financing disputes in times of economic turmoil 05.05.2020

We invite you to join our webinar “Financing disputes in times of economic turmoil” on 20 May at 12:00 CEST.

Launch of our new site AgainstCovid.law 15.04.2020

We have prepared a new website for our readers where we cover legal aspects of doing business in Poland during the pandemic. We try as always to be direct and specific. We have collected nearly 150 accessible and practical FAQs, dozens of articles from our blogs In Principle and HRlaw.pl, and a few webinars (these numbers will gradually grow).

Business in a time of pandemic—a new section on our website 25.03.2020

We are now launching a new site, which will be updated regularly, where we write clearly and concretely on how to do business during the pandemic.