Changes in civil procedure Reports An overhaul of Polish civil procedure was published on 6 August 2019. The amending act partly entered into force on 21 August, but most of the new rules apply from 7 November. What can we say so far about the new rules, what should be expected, and what are the worries? Changes in civil procedure How to enter a beneficial owner in the central register of beneficial owners (CRBR) Reports We know that beneficial owners need to be registered, but how should it be done? Who is subject to this obligation? Who needs to sign the filing? What is the penalty for failure to file, or filing inaccurate information? And first and foremost, who exactly is a beneficial owner (and how to determine who it […] How to enter a beneficial owner in the central register of beneficial owners (CRBR) Legal aspects of media activity Reports The report is devoted to legal issues related to the functioning of the media—both traditional and tech-based. We discuss some of the most important practical issues of media activity and challenges for editors, publishers, broadcasters and journalists. We write about the bounds of permissible criticism, cooperation with influencers, protection of catchphrases from films, issues connected […] Legal aspects of media activity Questioning in criminal proceedings: a guide for businesses and business employees Reports Clients often consult us when they or their employees are summoned for questioning. In many cases, they do not know why they have been summoned. They ask how they can find out what the case is about, how questioning is conducted, and what are their rights and obligations. They are unsure whether an attorney can […] Questioning in criminal proceedings: a guide for businesses and business employees BEC Frauds Reports Cybersecurity guide on how to shield against BEC attacks. As spoofed emails spread across all industries, Łukasz Lasek, Jakub Barański and Bartosz Troczyński, explain possible preventive measures and legal remedies. BEC (Business email compromise) is a cyber-facilitated fraud where culprits send spoofed emails fraudulently impersonating an individual or company to deceive the recipient into disposing […] BEC Frauds Detention of an individual Reports As a short-term deprivation of liberty, detention is subject to a range of requirements under the Polish Constitution, the Criminal Procedure Code, and the European Convention on Human Rights. These provisions regulate such issues as who may be detained and when, as well as the guarantees afforded to detainees. Nonetheless, detainees are often unaware of […] Detention of an individual Construction disputes Reports Has  the regulation making the investor liable as a guarantor for the general contractor’s debts to subcontractors made life easier for subcontractors? What purpose does the guarantee of payment serve in practice? (Not necessarily timely payment of contractors’ fees.) How can the investor recover fees paid directly to subcontractors? How are settlements with subcontractors conducted […] Construction disputes Changes in trademark regulations Reports Amendments to the Industrial Property Law entered into force on 16 March 2019. Although they are not revolutionary, they will clearly exert a great practical impact. The changes are primarily designed to achieve consistency between the Polish and EU systems for trademark protection. For example, the definition of a trademark has been revised by eliminating the […] Changes in trademark regulations New Public procurement law – first impressions Reports The Public Procurement Law currently in force has been amended dozens of times. Several of these amendments were very extensive and of crucial importance, as they were the means to implement EU directives into the Polish legal order. Most of the ad hoc changes to the law adjusted the law to the needs of the […] New Public procurement law – first impressions Search of business premises and seizure of items Reports Nearly 40 questions and answers about searches of business premises. When can a search be conducted? Who decides on a search? What to look for in the documents authorising the search? Can you refuse to allow law enforcement to enter the premises? Do you have to turn over your computer password? Can you make a […] Search of business premises and seizure of items