2020 Yearbook Yearbook This is the 10th edition of our law firm’s Yearbook. We write about what we do: about interesting cases, legal measures, opportunities and obligations, new regulations and areas of the law deserving of attention in business operations. We provide commentary and hints, and we hope, inspiration. 2020 Yearbook 2019 Yearbook Yearbook The 9th edition of our Yearbook is a collection of articles drawn from authentic matters handled by lawyers from our firm. They explain how to protect your rights when encountering dishonest contractors, inadequate or overly specific regulations, and excessive formalism. They suggest how to arrange the legal side of corporate or personal matters to eliminate […] 2019 Yearbook 2018 Yearbook Yearbook The 8th edition of Wardyński & Partners’ Yearbook offers a collection of articles presenting interesting case studies, disturbing trends, new solutions, and key legal challenges ahead in 2018. Concisely, clearly, and without jargon, we discuss the work that has absorbed our attention for the past 30 years. We hope you find it worthwhile reading. 2018 Yearbook 2017 Yearbook Yearbook The 2017 edition of the Wardyński & Partners Yearbook comes to you in a somewhat revised approach. Most of the articles by our lawyers are inspired by specific matters, but illustrating a broader truth that can be illuminating for others. 2017 Yearbook 2016 Yearbook Yearbook This is the 6th edition of our law firm’s Yearbook—a publication in which we discuss current legal issues with an impact on business. We write about changes in law and the hazards they can generate, as well as changes in the rulings issued by the courts. We strive to provide reliable signposts that can help identify solutions. 2016 Yearbook 2015 Yearbook Yearbook We share with you now the 5th anniversary edition of our law firm’s Yearbook. As always, the articles are inspired by matters we have handled recently for our clients. We draw attention to issues that are likely to become particularly relevant in the months ahead. We write about opportunities and threats, legislative changes, and developments in the case law. We raise legal problems and suggest possible solutions. 2015 Yearbook 2014 Yearbook Yearbook In the labyrinth of old and new regulations, a guide can come in handy. We hope that this, the fourth edition of our Yearbook, will serve as that guide for you. 2014 Yearbook 2013 Yearbook Yearbook For the third year, we share with you an annual publication in which we compile some of the knowledge and experience our lawyers have developed during their work for the firm's Polish and foreign clients. As the first two editions of the Yearbook proved, this concept is welcomed by our readers. This year as well, in the flagship publication of our law firm we write not about ourselves, but about what we know best: the most hotly debated legal issues with a direct impact on business. 2013 Yearbook 2012 Yearbook Yearbook It is with great pleasure that we present to you the second edition of our law firm’s Yearbook. Like last year’s edition, it is a collection of articles inspired by our past cases for Polish and international clients. 2012 Yearbook 2011 Yearbook Yearbook We present to you the first Wardyński & Partners Yearbook. It is a collection of texts by our lawyers representing the fruit of our day-to-day work for clients and deep consideration of specific legal issues in Poland. 2011 Yearbook