Debt restructuring of OT Logistics group


The banking and project financing practice of Wardyński & Partners has advised main bondholders of series D and F bonds in connection with debt restructuring of OT Logistics group

The more than six month long process of debt restructuring included agreement on terms and conditions of debt repayment to several groups of creditors of the publicly listed OT Logistics S.A., the most versatile port operator in Poland, leader in inland waterway transport in the country as well as in Germany. Wardyński & Partners provided full-service advice to the largest bondholders of series D and F bonds issued by OT Logistics S.A. and listed on Catalyst, in connection with the issuance of series H refinancing bonds. Issuance of series H secured bonds was the last key stage of financial debt restructuring at the OT Logistics group which also included extension of maturity of credit facilities and series G bonds.

In addition to the restructuring of Work Service S.A., the restructuring of the debt of the OT Logistics S.A. group is another example of a complex debt restructuring transaction advised by Wardyński & Partners. It should be noted that debt restructuring of Work Service S.A. was awarded by Rzeczpospolita as “the most complex and dynamic financial restructuring in Poland in 2018.”