New scholarly journal: In Principle: Legal Studies and Analyses


A new title has now joined our list of publications. Co do zasady. Studia i analizy prawne (In Principle: Legal Studies and Analyses) is a scholarly journal of professional articles presenting views on legal theory and practice. The first issue of our semi-annual journal is now available in print. The electronic version will be posted soon.

The title of the journal alludes to the name of the portal In Principle (, where for years we have reported on nuances of the law with an impact on business. The site has achieved considerable popularity, but the online format does not always allow for in-depth examination, and some issues call for a more specialised approach.

“Over the law firm’s first 30 years of existence we have gathered impressive experience, and we decided to memorialise it in a way that will be helpful to others,” explained Tomasz Wardyński. “In connection with our litigation practice, we would also like to play an active role in the development of the decisional practice, and a scholarly journal offers the only civilised forum for debating the rulings handed down by the courts.”

The journal is open to contributions from the entire legal community. We seek pluralism in the authors’ specialisations and affiliations, so that the journal can serve as a broad forum for exchange of views enriching the legal literature across all fields.

We have succeeded in attracting distinguished legal authorities to serve on the academic board, including Prof. Alexander Bělohlávek, Prof. Elżbieta Chojna-Duch, Prof. Lech Garlicki, Prof. Tomasz Giaro, Prof. Roman Hauser, Prof. Carlos Flores Juberías, Prof. Bertrand Mathieu, Prof. Witold Modzelewski and Prof. Fryderyk Zoll. The numerous reviewers are drawn from among outstanding specialists in many fields of law.

The journal is published in Polish, with abstracts in English.

Persons interested in contributing to the journal should contact us at Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the journal should also contact us.


In the first issue:

  1. Dr Przemysław Szymczyk, “Reform of trading in agricultural property under the latest amendment to the Agricultural System Act”
  2. Dr Wiktor Klimiuk, “Fees for perpetual usufruct: Between a civil fee and a tax”
  3. Dr Radosław Wiśniewski, “The concept of vacant succession and its interpretation in contemporary judicial and administrative proceedings”
  4. Dr Marta Kozłowska, “How the adoption of best practices can expedite arbitration proceedings, limit their costs, and protect against threats in cyberspace”
  5. Paulina Wojtkowska, “Digitalisation of proceedings before the administrative courts as a manifestation of growth of the digital society”
  6. Dr Dominik Wałkowski, “Does climate change constitute environmental harm? Grounds for a debate on legal liability”
  7. Andrzej Madała, “A century of the concept of a business operator under Polish law: Evolution and current state. Part 1: From independence to independence (1918–1991)”
  8. Harald Marschner, “The amicus curiae brief in various legal systems and in Poland”
  9. Dr Paweł Selera, Jan Sarnowski and Anna Bartosiak, “VAT in international trade 2020: Changes in EU law and implementation under national law”
  10. Marek Watrakiewicz, “Overlapping rights of pre-emption to real estate: Note on Supreme Court of Poland resolution of 14 June 2019, case no. III CZP 6/19”
  11. Dr Maciej Kiełbowski, “Violation of general rules of the Administrative Procedure Code as independent grounds for a cassation appeal: Note on the Supreme Administrative Court judgment of 8 January 2019, case no. II OSK 259/17”
  12. “Why In Principle: Legal Studies and Analyses? An interview with Tomasz Wardyński”