Report: Legal aspects of media activity


The report is devoted to legal issues related to the functioning of the media—both traditional and tech-based.

We discuss some of the most important practical issues of media activity and challenges for editors, publishers, broadcasters and journalists. We write about the bounds of permissible criticism, cooperation with influencers, protection of catchphrases from films, issues connected with dissemination of persons’ images, and rules for liability of website administrators for unlawful content posted by users.

Authors: Paweł Czajkowski, Ewa Górnisiewicz-Kaczor, Monika A. Górska, Dominika Kwiatkiewicz-Trzaskowska, Lena Marcinoska, Katarzyna Pikora, Anna Pompe, Katarzyna Szczudlik, Norbert Walasek, Monika Wieczorkowska.


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