Report: ASPIRE Legal Committee Annual Report 2017


Lawyers from Wardyński & Partners took part in drafting the annual report of the ASPIRE Legal Committee, devoted to key legal aspects for the growth of the technology and business services sector in Poland.

The report, entitled The Polish legal environment: Opportunities and threats for the development of the technology and business services sector, prepared by four Polish law firms who are members of ASPIRE, includes articles examining issues of labour law, tax, data protection, and state aid.

In the report, Katarzyna Żukowska, Dr Szymon Kubiak and Jarosław Karlikowski write about current challenges in employment: verification of job applicants and combating discrimination.

Michał Nowacki, Jakub Macek and Joanna Goryca write about the new tax environment, planned changes in taxes, and new transfer pricing regulations in Poland.

The report is available here.