Report: Changes in civil procedure


An overhaul of Polish civil procedure was published on 6 August 2019. The amending act partly entered into force on 21 August, but most of the new rules apply from 7 November. What can we say so far about the new rules, what should be expected, and what are the worries?

The changes introduced by the act are extensive. There are hundreds of changes, although many of them are purely technical or editorial. The aim of the amendment, according to the justification for the bill running to several hundred pages, is primarily to improve and expedite judicial proceedings in civil cases. Can it work?

Read the report prepared by Stanisław Drozd, Piotr Golędzinowski, Monika Hartung, Dr Maciej Kiełbowski, Mateusz Kosiorowski, Marta Kozłowska, Dr Marcin Lemkowski, Łukasz Lasek, Agnieszka Pachla, and Aleksandra Połatyńska.

The report can be found here >>>