Elżbieta Żywno


Warsaw property—restitution and compensation

Elżbieta Żywno

Elżbieta Żywno handles matters involving regulation of the legal status of real estate, particularly reprivatisation proceedings concerning Warsaw properties. She also deals with land and mortgage register issues. She has successfully conducted numerous cases, such as establishing land and mortgage registers for properties belonging to one of the largest steel mills in Poland, and restitution of Warsaw properties to their former owners.

She has worked at Wardyński & Partners since 1992.

She has been dealing with real estate since 1975. In 1975–1990 she worked for the City of Warsaw in the Praga Południe district office, where she handled property expropriation and reprivatisation cases. In 1990–1992 she worked in a private company acquiring real estate for investors for residential development projects.