2013 Yearbook

For the third year, we share with you an annual publication in which we compile some of the knowledge and experience our lawyers have developed during their work for the firm’s Polish and foreign clients. As the first two editions of the Yearbook proved, this concept is welcomed by our readers. This year as well, in the flagship publication of our law firm we write not about ourselves, but about what we know best: the most hotly debated legal issues with a direct impact on business.

The media predict that there is a difficult year ahead. In hard times, as one of our authors writes, we need to remind ourselves of the fundamental principles. One of them, clearly, is to maintain due care to avoid unnecessary problems. But it means more than that. It also means a return to values and a rededication to integrity and fair dealing, which are a necessary condition for the mutual trust that enables commerce to move forward, creating new value for all stakeholders.

The scope of personal liability of managers and board members continues to expand: for poor business decisions, for failure to seek bankruptcy protection when required, and now also for involvement in anti-competitive practices. The only sure approach is to be aware of the risks and to avoid behaviours that may result in liability.

Tuesday February 5th, 2013