The series of publications marking the 30th anniversary of Wardyński & Partners offers a concise cross-section of texts summarising and synthesising our first 30 years of practice. Drawing from our experiences, we present visions and solutions for the future. The second volume is focused on innovations.

We discuss our manifesto explaining why lawyers must devote more attention to new technologies. Once we win the right to internet access, will the time come to recognise a right to be free from the internet? We write about how law practice has changed over the first 30 years of the firm’s existence. We recall our pioneering beginnings, and address the challenges presented by the autonomy of artificial intelligence systems. We suggest how to deal with cyber crime, which can hardly occur without involving financial institutions in some way.

We examine the impact AI and blockchain have on intellectual property law. We address the dilemma of how the law should approach data as a fundamental asset of the new economy, when the value of the data we generate greatly exceeds the value of services we receive in exchange for our data.