Criminal proceedings, cybersecurity, compliance

We provide businesses with full legal support in their contacts with law enforcement authorities, while preserving such values as trade secrecy, the security of commercial dealings, and proper functioning of corporate authorities.

See also Internal investigations

Alongside experience in criminal cases, we have broad knowledge of how businesses operate and in various fields of commercial law, which enables us to provide a full analysis of issues related to business crime and to limit the risk of criminal liability.

Our services:

  • We represent clients in criminal proceedings
  • We provide legal assistance in the area of cybersecurity
  • We conduct legal analysis and advise on minimising the risks of criminal liability and mitigating the business impact of criminal offences
  • We prepare internal compliance programmes designed to improve the functioning of businesses, maintain compliance with applicable regulations in their day-to-day operations, and assure that any irregularities are uncovered promptly
  • We advise businesses in internal investigations to discover the causes for irregularities that may constitute criminal offences and to redress the effects.

We cooperate with detective agencies and specialists in forensic IT and forensic accounting.

Thanks to our international experience and contacts, we can also assure full legal support in the criminal law area in cross-border matters.