Advice for the energy sector

We advise Polish and foreign clients operating across the entire spectrum of the energy sector. We work with companies involved in generation, sale, transmission and distribution of electricity (from conventional, renewable and nuclear sources) as well as gas, heat and liquid fuels.

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An important part of our advice is devoted to natural resources, mining and extraction, including hydrocarbons.

We also advise customers (particularly industrial customers) on issues related to production of electricity alongside their core business, and optimisation of consumption costs using available incentives, exemptions and other forms of support.

We track regulations applicable to the energy sector. We identify the legal problems specific to the sector and work with our clients to develop solutions.

We provide clients a comprehensive approach to the matters we handle, covering not only legal requirements under commercial law and energy law, but also environmental protection, public procurement, state aid and taxation.

We are legal advisers to, the first Polish energy market portal, with a mission of collecting and disseminating thorough, objective information and knowhow concerning domestic and foreign energy markets.

Our services include:

  • Legal support for investment processes in the energy sector, reflecting the legal conditions specific to the sector
  • Legal support for transactions in the energy sector, including due diligence reflecting key assets and risks characteristic for the specific segment of the energy sector
  • Preparing contracts with customers, suppliers, and consumers (contracts for sale, transmission and distribution, complex contracts, connection contracts and general contracts), negotiation and drafting of contracts for energy customers
  • Advice on industry regulations under Polish law and EU directives and regulations, including EU climate policy and energy policy and their impact on the energy and transmission sector
  • Representation in regulatory disputes and appeals (before the Energy Regulatory Office and the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection)
  • Advice for clients from the mining sector, including regulatory advice under the Geological and Mining Law (concessions, licences, rights to geological information) and contractual advice concerning agreements by and among participants in the mining sector (e.g. contracts for design and execution of geological and mining works).