Advice on real estate development projects

The Polish real estate development market is growing year after year. Wardyński & Partners has an interdisciplinary team ready to provide comprehensive advice on real estate transactions and projects.

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We assist our clients at every stage of the development process, from due diligence through negotiations and drafting the final versions of the contracts, to completing all the formalities following closing.

We identify legal risks connected with transactions and determine how to avoid them, advise on development of the most advantageous solutions, and conduct negotiations on sale and lease of real estate.

Our clients include international investment funds, Polish businesses, retail chains, developers, logistics centres, institutional funds and individual investors.

Thanks to regular cooperation with top international law firms on the real estate market, we can effectively advise clients in cross-border acquisitions of entire portfolios of properties located in numerous countries.

We draft all agreements concerning purchase and sale of real estate and handle the legal side of development projects and commercialisation of properties.

We negotiate and draft all types of lease agreements, particularly for office, warehouse, and retail space.

We advise at all phases of construction projects (whether office, retail, warehouse, industrial, or residential, as well as infrastructure, amusement parks, hotels, hospitals and so on).

We support clients in negotiating construction contracts, joint-venture agreements, project management agreements, and other types of agreements related to real estate transactions. Based on our litigation experience, in our advice we seek to minimise the risk of disputes.

We conduct comprehensive due diligence analyses of real estate, companies and other entities who are owners or usufructuaries of land, shopping centres, office buildings, retail and service chains, and other enterprises. We identify risks and advise on how to limit or eliminate them.

We analyse the possibilities for realising projects under zoning and land use regulations, construction law, requirements and restrictions on trading in shares, requirements concerning capital concentration, and assessment of tax risks.

We draft contracts for sale of real estate, shares in companies holding real estate assets, and enterprises, as well as escrow agreements.

We combine elements of transactions carried out in different jurisdictions and under different legal systems into a functional and coherent whole. We coordinate the activities of notaries and ensure that the documents are prepared in the proper form.

We support clients in negotiation of contracts for construction, architectural design, and project management, agreements for sale of units created in development projects, contracts with agents responsible for commercialisation of projects, and joint-venture agreements. We represent clients in administrative proceedings for issuance of planning permission, building permits and the like.

We negotiate, draft and renegotiate agreements for lease, including sale and leaseback arrangements, and tenancy for all types of property, particularly office and retail buildings, warehouses, production plants and logistics centres.

We provide a full range of legal services in financing of real estate transactions, including negotiation and drafting of all financing documents and agreements with lenders.

We represents clients in administrative and judicial proceedings involving real estate, including land and mortgage register cases.

We conduct reprivatisation disputes connected with regaining properties in Warsaw, country estates, companies and enterprises, involving clarification of their legal status. We provide opinions on reprivatisation claims to real estate.

We advise on development of optimal tax structures for real estate transactions, and assist in the selection of types and sources of financing. We obtain tax interpretations for our clients.