Wardyński & Partners at the IBA 2018 annual conference in Rome


Lawyers from Wardyński & Partners will appear in seven sessions at the annual conference of the International Bar Association in Rome.

Tomasz Wardyński, founding partner of Wardyński & Partners, will be a member of a session entitled “BIC Showcase: can law firms survive without bar associations?” and will co-organise a session entitled “SPPI Showcase: the tech revolution – a threat to the core values of civil society and of the legal profession?”. The session will focus on how IBA members from a range of cultural backgrounds can promote values enshrined in the rule of law in the context of a globalised cyber-economy.

On 8 October, Dr Szymon Kubiak, partner co-heading the firm’s Employment practice, will be a member of a panel entitled ”Mobility compliance management: how to get the message across”. This session will consider key provisions for global mobility policies and it jointly organised by the Human Resources Section, Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee, Diversity and Equality Law Committee, Immigration and Nationality Law Committee and Compensation and Benefits Subcommittee.

On the following day, Stanisław Drozd, partner from the firm’s Litigation & Arbitration practice, will be a panellist at the session “Mediating sports disputes” organised by the Mediation Committee. The main questions to be addressed are: why is mediation still not common in the area of sports disputes that is so independent of public courts and self governance? How can mediation in sports disputes be developed? Is sports mediation needed and would it be used?

On 10 October, Paweł Mazur, the partner co-heading the firm’s Litigation & Arbitration practice, will be a member of a panel entitled “The art of witness examination”, organised by the Litigation Committee. This session will focus on evidence itself and its provision,  form of evidence (written statement or oral evidence), how it is collected, how witnesses are questioned in court and how a judge intervenes. What styles of witness questioning work and which do not? Are there any formal rules to consider?  For example, taking evidence by video link may be unlawful in some countries. Does the process vary with expert witnesses?

On 11 October, Łukasz Szegda, partner in charge of the firm’s Banking and Finance practice, will be a panellist at the session “The good, the bad and the ugly: who’s who in transactions in distressed financial assets? The originator, the investor and the regulator’s perspective”. The session is jointly organised by the IBA’s Banking Law Committee and Creditors’ Rights Subcommittee.

The next day, Dr Ewa Butkiewicz from the firm’s Payment Services practice, will co-chair the session “Whose second life is it anyway? Personal information and financial services” jointly organised by the Financial Services Section, Capital Markets Forum, Banking Law Committee, Insurance Committee, Investment Funds Committee and Securities Law Committee. The panel will consider the collection of personal information (both mandatory and voluntary) and its use by financial institutions across their range of services. This will include the transfer of personal information from traditional financial institutions to Fintech companies.


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